10 March 2011

Atafona & Climate Change

Atafona is a place where the effects of climate change have become explicit.

In 30 years, more than 200 construction buildings near the beach have submerged (over 15 blocks have been destroyed) due to the sea level rise and to the fury of the wind. The coastline is advancing the land about 6m per year and the beacon had to be moved into the city twice.

Located in the north of the state of Rio de Janeiro, the district of Atafona is known for the healing properties of its waters (ocean and river) and for its ruins, sculped by the erosion.

Because Atafona attracts tourists and artists in general, efforts are made to adapt the local communities to economic activities that are related to the constant modification in the environment and topography.

digital mapping of the erosion in the urban area of Atafona The name Atafona has an indigenous origin, meaning windmill.

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