30 January 2011

Mistletoe, Vienna, Austria

Mistletoe in the Turkenschan Park Vienna

In London Mistletoe is very scarce. Whilst in Vienna I was amazed to see so much of the plant growing on street trees, in parks and gardens throughout the City. In fact my colleagues in Vienna told me that back in the 1990s Mistletoe had become very scarce and that the plant was given protection. This protection obviously has had a beneficial effect. However the plant is now viewed as a 'problem'. I am not an authority on the plant but obviously there needs to a balance between allowing the plant to flourish but also some management to ensure that it does not cause problems.

I have never seen mistletoe in my part of London. In fact it is a long time since I have seen it at my regular haunts in East Kent. The sheer profusion of the plant in Vienna was a joy to see.

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